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Fire Destroys Vendor’s Business

A Cooks Hill small business operator has lost her livelihood after her vending stall was engulfed in flames on Friday night. The stall, which sold local produce/ vegetables and opened daily, was owned by Shirley Graham of Cooks Hill. The destroyed vegetable stall was located in Golden Grove. According to reports, Graham said she left her business around 4:00 pm and received word about five hours later that it was on fire. The owner indicated that there was no electricity attached to her stall, and believes that the fire was…

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Accident & Tragedy Crime & Police 

Police Continue Investigating Freak Weekend Accident

Over the weekend, the Perry Bay community was plunged into disbelief as a driver was electrocuted while transporting a container. What seemed to be a normal work detail, turned into what is now being described as a “freak accident.” The police are currently investigating the details surrounding the electrocution of a man known as “Strongman” from the New Winthorpes /Barnes Hill area. It was reported that the man was instructed to move a storage container and it came into contact with an electrical wire which resulted in him being electrocuted.

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Columns Rawlston Pompey 


From that which was well-known among the law enforcement community, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of most Police Services, particularly, those within the British Commonwealth are staffed with some of the most ‘…professionally well-trained men and women. They are highly intelligent, smart and quick-witted.’ Given their expertise and investigative skills, they are referred to as the ‘…Crème -De-La- Crème’ of the Department. Whether or not sitting behind office desks conducting interviews or on the field investigating, personal appearance matters. Thus, personnel are usually smartly attired in civilian clothing. Before the…

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