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It has often been said that there are ‘…more crazy people out in the wider society, than there are patients under psychiatric confinement. Yet evidence has shown that many people not psychiatrically certified or institutionalized and presumed sane, appeared to have done or said more crazy things than people who had completely lost their sanity. This may not necessarily be said of social commentator Edwin Ayoung, more popularly called ‘…Crazy.’ Seen as losing control of his mental faculties, in predictive mood, he sang that ‘…In time to come, America would…

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Tourism Ministry has Reasons to Celebrate- Former Tourism Minister praises government for expansion in Tourism

Former Minister of Tourism, and MP for St. Peter, the Honourable Asot Michael lauds the Government for the continuous growth and expansion of the tourism sector in Antigua and Barbuda. During his budget debate presentation, the former minister took the opportunity to highlight the achievements of the ministry and all those who have made that possible. His remarks were in response to Former Prime Minister Sir Lester Bird’s comment that the industry needed revitalization. “Far from neglecting tourism, from the very outset, this administration placed the industry at the front…

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