Community Health 

FEATURE: The Incapacitation of a Young Man Who Needs Help

The story of Jevorn Browne To be incapacitated at any age is tragic and heart-wrenching., However, it is even more painful and complex when the one involved is cut down in the prime of his life. A situation such as this has to be extremely difficult for anyone to endure and can lead to depression. Depression is a state of mind and a mental health issue. This condition is characterized by a feeling of hopelessness or dejection and is usually accompanied by emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioral symptoms According to…

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Kidney Transplant Program Continues to Makes History in Antigua & Barbuda

One year after its inception, the Antigua and Barbuda Kidney Transplant Program created history once again after performing another major surgery at the Mount St John’s Medical Center earlier this month. On January 20th, a male patient from the Philippines became the first individual, outside of the United States, to receive a kidney transplant through the global kidney exchange program.  His donor was a female from Brazil. Speaking during a recent press conference, Health and the Environment Minister-Molwyn Joseph announced that the operation was of significant importance to the twin…

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Columns Letter to the Editor 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Beware the Signs of the Times

You were warned Antigua, you were warned that the hostility that is the hallmark of Gaston Browne’s personality was only a preview to the creeping dictator that dwelled within, and now the signs have started to show. The question is, what do we do? Do we ignore the signs; try to convince ourselves that it is no big deal? Are we to be ostriches burying our heads in the sand? Let’s look at two recent incidents, two cases that may seem simple, but have deep significance. The first is the reports…

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Crime & Police 

More Charges for Alleged Bulgarian Fraudster

Martin Dimitrov Dachenski, the Bulgarian man who allegedly hacked into several ATM’s and defrauded a local bank of almost $28,000, was charged with three additional counts of Larceny by police on Wednesday. He is accused of hacking into two separate ATM’s located on High Street and Thames Street, and stole close to $5,000 from one machine, and over $18,000 from another, respectively. He is further accused of hacking into an ATM located at a business place on All Saints Road and stole almost $5,000 from that ATM. These offences occurred…

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Disaster Management 

Barbudans Briefed on Recovery Operations Since Hurricane Irma

The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) has given ample opportunities for Barbuda Council members to obtain information on the operations in Barbuda following Hurricane Irma. Meetings are held at the NODS office where information is shared freely on what is happening on the sister-isle and council members are free to attend. Some council members have attended the meetings while some have not. Director of NODS Philmore Mullin says NODS does not hide any information from councilors and the office does not wish to be drawn into any squabble between…

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