UPP Salutes Fidel Castro

The United Progressive Party (UPP) mourns with the Government and People of Cuba the loss of Fidel Castro, President, Statesman, and a leader with great depth of character recognized globally..

Fidel Castro was a friend to our Party, our Administration, our Government, and Antiguans & Barbudans, individually and collectively. His assistance to our people, especially in the areas of Education, Health Care, and Civil Works, was not simply generous; it was munificent, given that Cuba’s economy and development were not funded by a capitalist system.

Consequently, his contributions to this nation – and to so many others – remain a living testimony and a legacy to his unswerving desire to elevate humanity regardless of social circumstances..

Under the guidance and vision of Fidel Castro, who was particularly committed to improving the lives of the poor, Cuba has proven to be a good neighbour and sister-country, The lives and experiences of many Antiguans & Barbudans have been saved, enriched, and broadened by their exposure to its high standards of medical, academic and professional development; its diversity and appreciation of national and ethnic cultures; and the wellspring of patriotism that Cuba has consistently exhibited.

Fidel Castro further served as a model for all leaders considered “Third World,” demonstrating to those with greater resources than he that national pride coupled with vision, sacrifice, hard work and a passion for excellence could make his country and his people not only equals but, indeed an independent nation.

The United Progressive Party salutes this towering Hero of the Revolution, this Patriot, this Caribbean Colossus. May his light and example continue to illuminate our own path to development and true independence.



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