Health officials reiterate importance of backyard garden

The importance of growing your own food for a healthier nation was highlighted Tuesday at a workshop on food and nutrition security and back-yard gardening organised by the Community Development Division.

The activity held at the Environment Division forms part of events surrounding this year’s Homes, Families and Gardens Festival competition, for which registration is now open.

Close to 20 individuals participated in the workshop which looked at areas such as types of backyard gardening, mulching and composting and aspects of food and nutrition.

Nutritionist Juanita James and William Stewart from the Zero Hunger Initiative facilitated the session.

James noted that as a country individuals need to get serious about local foods by growing and eating their own which is more nutritious. According to Stewart, he and his team have been providing technical assistance, training, seedlings and other inputs.

Coordinator of this year’s Homes, Families and Gardens Festival competition Devorah Simmons Francis thanked the participants for being part of the workshop and encouraged them to continue to support the various initiatives.

Previous workshops were held on plant propagation, budding and grafting and landscaping.

The deadline for this year’s competition is December 31. Persons can compete in several categories – vegetable and or fruit garden, water garden and herb and spice garden. There is also a poetry and research component.



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