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Police announce inroads against illicit drug trade

The Police continue to clamp down on the illicit drugs trade, following several arrests and seizures of controlled drugs over the weekend.

Saturday morning, police officers attached to the Bolans Police station, the Special Services Unit (SSU) and the Narcotics Department carried out Drugs Eradication Exercise at Sea-Fort (Back of Halls Estate), where two cannabis plantations were spotted. The officers uprooted a total of 1,225 cannabis plants that were found growing in two separate fields.

The plants were taken to Police Headquarters, pending further investigations into the matter. In a separate incident, 47 small Ziploc plastic bags containing Cannabis were found in a remote area in Bolans near Aunt “Mem’s” Supermarket.

The police found the drugs during a sweep of the area Saturday afternoon. The substance was seized and taken to the station. One man is in police custody assisting them in their investigations into that matter.

Finally, a couple from Cook’s Development was arrested for Possession of Cannabis and Larceny. Franklyn David, 55 and his wife 51yrs old Desiree David were arrested taken into custody on Saturday, after police found a quantity of Cannabis and  several items of clothing believed to have been also stolen inside their home. During their search, the police also discovered 25 Cannabis plants growing in flowerpots on a vacant lot of land, just outside their property. The drugs and the other items were seized and taken to the station for further investigations.



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