Plans afoot for Community Carnival 2017

Plans afoot for Community Carnival 2017


Plans are progressing smoothly for the staging of a series of “Community Carnival” events, geared towards creating awareness of the 60th anniversary of Antigua’s Carnival 2017.

In keeping with this year’s theme, “Celebrate Greatness”, The Antigua &Barbuda Festivals Commission will spread the Carnival fever throughout selected communities for the next three months.

After a successful Carnival launch in March, the cultural artistes are ready to showcase their creative talents and artistic skills while Carnival lovers appetites are now open and ready to “CELEBRATE 60 YEARS OF GREATNESS”.

At our Community Carnival events, patrons, will get a taste of a miniature production of the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival.

Antigua & Barbuda certainly has a rich abundance of talent.  Since it’s inauguration in 1957, the country has produced a number of cultural ambassadors namely, King Short Shirt, Tizzy, Mighty Swallow, King Obstinate, Mighty Destroyer, Destroyer Junior, Burning Flames, LA Kru, Claudette Peters, Tian Winter and Ricardo Drue , carrying our flag on the regional and international stage.

A new and exciting feature has been added to the community Carnival program. “NEXT ON STAGE”, has replaced the “COOK OFF” competition which was a component of last year’s production.

The primary objective of “Next on stage” is to unearth new, hidden and unexplored talents within our musical genre specifically calypso and soca. We’re also hoping to identify talented musicians and composers at our “Community Carnival” events.

Participants must not have competed in a carnival competition before and must be a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda (birth/naturalization). Prospective competitors must be willing to perform an original piece or a cover within the Calypso or Soca genre.

The “NEXT ON STAGE” competition will be adjudicated by three cultural arts adjudicators. Interested individuals who are desirous of participating can register at the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Office, located in Pigotts Mall on Redcliffe and Market streets.

The sweet sounds of the steel orchestras will also form part of the entertainment package at each “Community Carnival” event from 6pm onwards.

Following the exit of the steel orchestras, going into the summer sunset, the respective villages will be transformed into a festive atmosphere showcasing all the other ingredients of the festival pie to include calypso, mas, pageantry and soca.

Minister with responsibility for the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, The Honorable E.P. Chet Greene extends a Carnival invitation to all citizens of all ages to be a part the “CELEBRATE GREATNESS” journey.

Community Carnival will begin on the 29th of April 2017 in Pigotts and conclude in the Liberta – Ya’So-so Corner on July 21st, 2017.

Antigua’s Carnival, runs from July 28th to August 8th 2017, under the theme, “CELEBRATE GREATNESS”.