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UPP Says Lower CIP Fees Weaken the ‘Brand’ and Eliminate The Chance Of Restoring Visa-Free Access

The decision by the ABLP government to lower the processing fees for the CIP will ignite a price war among OECS countries and is likely to jeopardize and accelerate the decline of the program throughout the region. This price discount strategy, cited by the UPP as merely a desperate, “knee jerk” reaction that is likely to backfire, is aimed at increasing market share and maintaining the administration’s “cash grab” posture. With significant negative fall out associated with the recent elimination of Antigua and Barbuda’s visa-free access to Canada, the UPP maintains the position that the country’s CIP…

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Definite Benefits to Citizenship by Investment Programs says Caribbean & Co. Founder

There are definite benefits to the Citizenship by Investment Programs across the Caribbean, says Caribbean & Co. founder, Ursula Petula Barzey on the heels of a recent CBS 60 Minutes report called Passports for Sale which painted a very negative picture of the programs. Barzey who writes about the Citizenship by Investment Programs for the luxury travel blog Caribbean & Co. said the programs are a much-needed source of foreign direct investment that, if managed properly, can help to diversify the countries’ economies which are currently overly dependent on tourism. According to Dominica’s 2016…

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Education is the key to dismantling negative connotations against the Citizenship by Investment Program.

With the 1st annual Invest Caribbean Conference in its final day, many of the participants are echoing praises for the organizers of the event (the Citizenship by Investment Unit), which saw many international, regional and local experts on Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) gathered to share their expertise on the many facets of a program which can potentially provide numerous opportunities for national development. The theme of the event centered around the efforts of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to enhance and continuously revise all protocols surrounding ensuring the…

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Antigua & Barbuda ranks 25th “Most Powerful” Passport in the World – Passport Index 2016

Passport Index 2016 launches updated ranking and key new features. Arton Capital, the global leader in residency and citizenship solutions, launched its latest edition of the Passport Index – a ranking system to reveal the benefits of each passport from around the world. Antigua & Barbuda is ranked 1st in the Caribbean with an active Citizenship by Investment Program and 25th most powerful passport in the world, with a visa-free score of 122. Although the world’s top 10 passports this year are all European, it is relatively difficult to obtain…

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Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes – Their Rolle in Tourism Development

By: Robert MacLellan.  There has been significant coverage in regional media in recent months on the subject of Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Programmes, which are now operating in five Eastern Caribbean countries. Some of the commentary underestimates the crucial potential value of these programmes for the development of new hotels, as well as for the redevelopment and modernisation of existing resorts.

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