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High School youth becomes island’s 6th road fatality

The police are reporting that a 15 year old Hodges Bay youth lost his life in the country’s 6th road fatality, which occurred on Thursday (20th October, 2016) on Friars Hill Road.

The deceased is Frankie Francois, a forth form student of the St. Joseph’s Academy. The allegations are that the teen took his mother’s white Nissan X-Trail SUV (A 29224) and drove away from home around 6:30a.m, dressed in school uniform.

Further reports indicated that he was traveling a very high speed from north to south before slamming into a concrete wall in the vicinity of the Woods Mall about 6:40a.m.

The police are inquiring into further allegations which suggested that the youth’s action came on the heels of a verbal scolding he had received from his mother, regarding his unacceptable academic performances.

The reprimand is said to have transpired just hours prior to him taking the vehicle unknown to his family and reports further suggested that he did not take kindly to the scolding.

The police said, upon their arrival at the scene of the collision, the teen’s lifeless body was seen in the driver’s seat, trapped between the wreckage and the Jaws of Life was deployed to have his body removed. He was the lone occupant at the time and appeared to have sustained multiple injuries as a result of the impact.

The body was later pronounced dead on the scene by Dr. Christian. Investigations into the matter are currently being conducted by the police.




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